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Hi there! I am Priyanka, a decentralized human!. So while climbing the ladder of being a successful lawyer in a Tier 1 firm, I found myself a victim of obesity and stress.
To find a right balance between work and health, I undertook a weight loss challenge and lost around 15kgs in 4 months. In the process I certified myself as a fitness and nutrition coach. Started an initiative, BoldndFIT for working women suffering with chronic lifestyle disorders to help them diagnose and adapt a healthy lifestyle.
It was then I quit my job and started to learn to code. Why has a lawyer’s job been so difficult? Can technology, AI and machine learning make a lawyer’s job any easy? Follow my journey on my blog page as I traverse this road less travelled and unfold the mysteries of technological advancements in the legal field.

Freshly Brewing!

I am currently building an affordable and efficient omni-channel customer service solution across e-commerce platforms for online stores & D2C brands at Mezchip. If you are a D2C brand looking for an effective customer service solution, book a demo of our product below.

Work Memoir

July, 2021 - Present
Co-Founder, Mezchip| Building omni-channel customer service solutions for e-commerce stores and SMB's
December, 2020 - May, 2021
Founded BoldndFIT | An initiative started in the wake of rising cases in women with chronic lifestyle disorders. Helped more than 200 women in providing holistic care and training programs to women suffering with chronic and lifestyle disorders like PCOS, thyroid, diabetes, fatty liver and obesity.
July, 2019 - August, 2020
Senior Associate at L&L Partners Law Offices| Dispute Resolution & Advisory
July, 2015 - July, 2019
Associate at L&L Partners Law Offices| Dispute Resolution & Advisory

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